Exchange program

Youth Exchange Program (YEP) in Bangladesh

The definition of the concept of “youth” depends on the different cultural and social contexts involved. Projects on the local level have to be adapted to the broader social requirements. The HOPE’87 beneficiaries – young people – are often project partners belonging to an integrated system of social ties with responsibilities, duties, and rights.

HOPE’87 in general adheres to the definition of the youth of the United Nations: those persons between the ages of 15 and 24 years. This definition was made during preparations for the International Youth Year (1985). In Bangladesh definition of youth is considered between the age group from 18 to 35 years which was officially endorsed by the government through its National Youth Policy. HOPE’87 Bangladesh will follow this definition of youth for its projects and programs.

Our Target Group

Specific Target Group: Youth

  1. Unemployed Youth
  2. Youth at Risk
  3. Student Youth
  4. Illiterate Youth

Specific Target Group: Children

  1. Working Children
  2. Missing Children
  3. Children without Parents
  4. Children in Need

Within the category of "youth", it is also important to distinguish between teenagers (13-19) and young adults (20-24), since the sociological, psychological, and health problems they face may differ.


In emergency and humanitarian aid interventions, our services cover populations beyond the age limit. In this case, we work for all victims giving priority to vulnerable men & women, persons with disabilities, elderly people, children, and youth.

Furthermore, when we work for the advancement of youths and children it positively impacts on overall socio-economic development of the whole disadvantaged community contributing to poverty alleviation.

Youth Employment

Unemployment and underemployment of young people are one of the striking problems of Bangladesh. Low economic growth, sustained population growth, lower access to quality education, ineffective curricula, and inadequate vocational/technical training facilities are the main contributing factors to this problem. Therefore improvement of the employability, productivity, and income-generating capacity of the disadvantaged and marginalized youths toward their empowerment is one of the thematic areas of HOPE’87 Bangladesh. In this regard, HOPE’87 is supporting several projects to provide vocational, technical, and agricultural training opportunities with input and financial support for the disadvantaged youths.

Youth Initiative

Long experience and learning of HOPE’87 show those initiatives of young people can play a major and significant role in all aspects of development. The inquisitiveness and creativity of youths also can be utilized in social development, economic enhancement, community empowerment, technological improvement, and solidarity.